Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A school week...

Okay, Well for the heck of it why don't we start with a normal Sunday night....

I normally finish my homework on Friday but things get put off... Blah blah blah.. So I finish the remaining bits of homework. While doing my homework, I tend to quadruple task.... Sounds silly but I have a true talent. I watch "Gossip Girl", facebook, ichat, and do homework all at the same time. I know what your thinking, "She couldn't possibly focus on her homework if she is quadruple tasking." Well, I can. I normally do really well on homework... In fact if I don't do other things while doing homework, I can't focus. It's the similar situation I have where I can't sleep unless I have either a friend over, music playing, or the TV on with something familiar on for example "Family Guy" or a movie I've seen more than five times. I have no idea why this is. I think I may be afraid of silence or the dark, I don't have a clue.

Woah, got off topic a bit right there. Well, I finally get to bed around 10:30ish.. or the latest at 11:30pm... I always set my alarm for 6:00 a.m.. This is new, I used to wake up at 5:30 a.m but, I could not handle it. So, instead of taking showers in the morning, I take them at night. This is also nice because I hate my bed being gross and dirty. It drives me crazy if there are any crumbs in my bed. Also, I have discovered that it is so much easier to do my make-up on the subway on my way to school. I also pick out my outfit the night before. So basically it takes me about thirty minutes to get ready in the morning. I leave the house at 6:40 a.m so I can make the "6:50" train. The subway takes about 26 minutes. Give or take a few minutes. However, the bus is not usually there in time. So, I get up to the campus around 7:30 a.m. Here comes the most hated part of my trip to school. After being stuffed into an elevator, we all walk up the hill up to the campus. It takes me at the most 10 minutes. (Thats walking fast) By the time I get to my locker to empty out my 20 pound back pack, I'm sweating.

Normal Mondays and Wednesdays consist of Periods one, two, and three, which this year is Honors English 10, Geometry, and Spanish II. The classes on a normal Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are an hour and twenty- five minutes long. After Spanish II is over, I have a lunch break that goes from 12:35 p.m- 1:30 p.m. I usually get dressed in my "blacks" At 1:15, so I have time to stretch or prepare for my arts class. Mondays and Wednesdays I have Acting II and Theatre History. My arts classes are each an hour and ten minutes long, with a ten minute break in between them. By the end of the day I'm pretty exhausted... But, I can't let it get to me, because I have to do my commute backwards. I usually get home at about 5:40 p.m... I take a quick nap, eat dinner, take a shower, finish my homework, and get my but in bed.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are funny, because I have my easier academic classes but more tiring arts classes. My commute is the same as Mondays and Wednesdays but these days my classes are Physical Education II, World History, and Biology. Biology is my favorite academic class. I LOVE science so much. I understand it.

Lunch always goes by too fast. I have Voice and Speech II and Movement II these days. Voice and speech II is really fun. My class have different opinions on it, but I enjoy learning Phonetics, it really helps me understand sounds. Well, after I'm done relearning how to speak correctly, I get to walk across campus to the PE building to my Movement II class. This class is extremely challenging. We start the class by standing straight (which is harder than it seems) and breathing correctly. Then we roll down, stretch and go into plank, where we do slow motion push ups, then hold plank again, and lastly hover. Oh, It not over yet, then we roll over, do a few sets of crunches, and then we do an exercise called "The Bird". This is where your shoulders and legs come up and stay up for about twenty seconds. The first set is not hard, but by the third it gets so painful. Then we roll over do our plank routine yet again. We roll back up and correctly stand and breathe again, completely focused. Of course the class is not nearly over and I'm sweating like a pig. Here comes my favorite. We do suicides (where you run to a distance, then run back to your starting point, then double the distance, run back to the starting point, triple the distance, run back to the starting point, quadruple the distance, then finally sprint to the starting point) Oh, thats not even the worst part, we then need to stand correctly and recite our Shakespeare monologues with out loosing focus. IT IS VERY CHALLENGING. Of course we need to be loud and clear, while panting. We do this about three times. I've gotten extra credit almost everyday! You earn extra credit by being loud and clear, standing straight, keeping focus, and not forgetting your text. Sound like so much fun right?

Well Fridays are my favorite school days. I start my first period at 10:00 a.m. We have all six periods for thirty minutes. Only thing I don't like is we don't have a break. I normally have to pee so bad by the time 1:20 p.m comes around. After lunch is over, around 2:00 p.m I get ready for my favorite arts class. APT (advanced physical movement). This class is amazing. We have already started our third assignment! I've only had the class twice! Its a great class. Everyone is so focused. It's meant to be a Junior class. But hey, I love challenges.

Fridays are great because I get to hang out with friends or just get home and know I get to sleep in the next morning. :)

So there it is.. My school schedule... What did you think? Tell me in a comment. :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

My not so eventful three day weekend.

Lets start with friday. I was so tired from my week. I went home, ate dinner, took a shower, then passed out. I know, it sounds so exciting.

Saturday morning was a not so peaceful morning I had been so used to. My mom is finally home from all her traveling, so my brother is back home too. I woke up to the sound of loud Saturday morning cartoons. Sounds perfect right? Wrong. I called my brothers name and he came running in and the first thing he said was "Where's Norton?" Shocking right? Well, I guess he could see my face getting red so he said "I'll turn it down..." he grabbed Norton and walked out.

I must have fallen back asleep cause when I woke up it was so sunny in my bedroom. Almost blinding, haha. I finally decided to get my butt out of bed. I wobbled down the stairs to find my mom watching a Chimpanzee documentary, while Norton attacking her feet. I never know what I'm going to see when I go downstairs.

Of course the first step I take out of my moms room, Norton comes running after me racing up the stairs (I swear he is the oddest cat).

While in the shower I think to myself...."What am I going to do today.." I already know my mom will not want to pick me up anywhere after 10 pm.... So I forget about my friends birthday party and asking to go to the movies (WHY DON'T I HAVE MY LICENSE YET?) So I finally come up with the plan of going to the mall with my mom and younger brother... But as soon as I get dressed and get some food in me my mom has already left for the gym. Of course I look at my phone and there was the "golden text message" from my mom.. This text is golden because when ever my mom texts me its either to make cookies, clean my bathtub, do the dishes, or take my lundry out of the washer. This time the text message says..."I want the house clean, Please sweep the floors and do the dishes before I get home... you have 45 minutes." So, what do I do... I call my brother upstairs and I make a deal with him, If he rinses the dishes and cleans the counter then I will sweep and load the washer. See my method is if I clean my room (which desprately needed to be cleaned, then I can bribe Riley to sweep at least the kitchen and family room. Of course I succeeded. I believe my mom was surpised at how clean we got the house. YES! That meant my mom would end up taking Riley and I at least somewhere for the day. She ended up taking us to get eye brows done (Just my mom and I) and American Apperal where we each got one item.

My mom got these pants...

Riley got this heat censured shirt.

And I got this dress/skirt/shirt.

I was happy about my purchase except the fact there were about 5 things in there that I wanted as well... Its hard to shop after a year of absolutely no shopping.

After, we got delicious burgers from our favorite cuban restaurant named Porto's. Its sooo yummy!

Well a saturday night would not be complete with out a friend coming over... My friend Elizabeth came over and we had a total photo shoot with the scraps from the jeans we cut up.

We didn't quite know what to do with them... Below you can see what we came up with:

Leg Warmers?

Brittany Spears costume?

Shin guards?

More shin guards?

Even more shin guards?

Norton even got dressed up....

Which didn't work out.

So finally I decided to cut strips of three and braid them together so they would be bracelets...

Which turned out quite nice... I might say. They even are anklets. YAY, 10 points for Haley!

Well, the night ended and Elizabeth and I passed out watching Good Luck Chuck. In the morning we ate some frosted flakes and she got picked up :(.

Well, my mom decieded at the last minute to tell me a bunch of family were going to be at my house in less than an hour. So I raced to clean up my room and get dressed.

I love when my auntie Lizzy visits because she gives the best back rubs. Which I desperatly needed.... It was nice :) I also hadn't seen her in almost 7 months. She is a lot like me and I love her soo sooo soooooo sooooooooo much.

My grandma came too, and might I add brought me my face mask stuff... Which I live for. I love hanging with my grandma... She lets me drive her car (WHICH WILL BE MINE!) We have lots of fun together.. I always say I'm special because I am her ONLY granddaughter and the first born. I love her sooo much. She is always there for me.

Well my aunt Amy and my cousin Alexis came along too. The last time I saw them was when Alexis was 6 now she is 9 and totally looks soo much more grown up!

After they left, my mom made one of my favorite dinners, Pesto Pasta. YUMMY! Except the mess that Riley and I had to clean up... Haha.

Well, my mom left me home to babysit my brother who I think can be home for an hour and a half...But what ever.. Riley and I made a decicious chocolate souffle.

Looks yummy right? RIGHT!

Well I was very sleepy from all the non business.. I went to bed at 10pm! Which is very early for me...

I woke up this morning... All by myself.. :( All I did today was watch TV and walk around the house aimlessly... HAHAHA... Well it is my day off. Now I'm off to do my World History homework. YES!

Hope you all enjoyed reading about my not so eventful weekend.

G'night all,

Haley Rae

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A flash back from the past...

Here are some pictures from my younger years...

Don't you just miss those days, when everything was easy.

Tiny dancer. "free" years old.

Modeling days... :)

Swinging :)

My dad teaching me how to walk on stilts.

Lexa and I in 6th grade.

Mama and I.

My dad and I at a theme park in Canada.

Carson and I snuggling.

My great friend Murphy and I the summer before 9th grade.

Halloween party in 6th grade! I was a "Jail Bird".

Kyler and I at dinner before Tambra's beautiful wedding.

Oh this picture is great.. Notice me using a fork while Kyler uses his hands.. :)

My two favorite men in the world and my aunts amazing doggies. Capper and Chester.

From right to left... Carson (My adorable brother) Kory (My cousin) Kyler (My cousin) and me :) at aunt Tamra's wedding.

This was me in 6th grade!

Oh no.... A school picture from the 3rd grade.

Oh the good ol' days in Ohio... :) I was very tatted out.

A picture of me when I was just "freee" years old with my wonderful mother.

My daddy and our pups. Max had big brown blobs and CC had light brown circles.

Maxxy moo and I... I'm guessing I was about 7 or 8?...

My best friend Natalie and I in Paris... We were almost ten years old!

Seventh Grade.. Miss. Gymnast....

Hope you enjoyed. =D

Hey Guys!

So, I feel I'm loosing touch with all my family and friends. With my crazy school schedule it gets hard to keep in touch. So... I decided to create my very own blog. Here you can see my pictures and events I attend.

I have a very hectic life so I am hoping I will get to post two entries a week!

Feel free to comment on them!

Love you guys,

Haley Rae

P.s: above is a picture of my adorable baby Norton Jaymes. He is three months old already! My oh my they grow up so fast!