Sunday, September 27, 2009

A flash back from the past...

Here are some pictures from my younger years...

Don't you just miss those days, when everything was easy.

Tiny dancer. "free" years old.

Modeling days... :)

Swinging :)

My dad teaching me how to walk on stilts.

Lexa and I in 6th grade.

Mama and I.

My dad and I at a theme park in Canada.

Carson and I snuggling.

My great friend Murphy and I the summer before 9th grade.

Halloween party in 6th grade! I was a "Jail Bird".

Kyler and I at dinner before Tambra's beautiful wedding.

Oh this picture is great.. Notice me using a fork while Kyler uses his hands.. :)

My two favorite men in the world and my aunts amazing doggies. Capper and Chester.

From right to left... Carson (My adorable brother) Kory (My cousin) Kyler (My cousin) and me :) at aunt Tamra's wedding.

This was me in 6th grade!

Oh no.... A school picture from the 3rd grade.

Oh the good ol' days in Ohio... :) I was very tatted out.

A picture of me when I was just "freee" years old with my wonderful mother.

My daddy and our pups. Max had big brown blobs and CC had light brown circles.

Maxxy moo and I... I'm guessing I was about 7 or 8?...

My best friend Natalie and I in Paris... We were almost ten years old!

Seventh Grade.. Miss. Gymnast....

Hope you enjoyed. =D

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  1. Love these pictures. I remember most of them, thanks for the memories.

    Love You,
    AKA - AngelBaby